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There are many activities possible in the area for those of you that want an alternative to visiting chateaux, or relaxing by the pool.  These are some of the things our guests have done:


Bois de Bagneux Le Bas Pimbault Path to Moulin de St Paul

A number of pathways, or "Boucles de Bournan"  in the area have been created by the local authorities, with sign posts making them easy to follow. Maps for these are also available in the gite. Of course, there are also many other possibilities to plan your own walks in the area. Pictured on the left is the Bois de Bagneux, on one of the Bournan walks.  The walks take you through woods and across meadows and streams.  The photos above were all taken on local walks. In fact in the photo on the right, the gite and its orchard are just visible on the extreme left of the photo.



There are three excellent 18 hole golf courses within one hours drive of La Grange des Hirondelles. 

First tee at Haut Poitou First tee at Montbazon Teeing off at the 18th at Ardre

45 minutes to the south, near the village of Saint Cyr, is the course of Haut Poitou.  40 minutes to the north is the couse at Ballan-Mir, and just to the north of Tours is the course at Ardre. All three are excellent courses, with nice scenery, some challenging holes, and water to add interest!  Here are links to the web sites:

Haut Poitou          Ballan-Mir           Ardre


Wine Tasting

Vineyard at Chinon The cave of Nicolas Brunet Tasting the Vouvray of Nicolas Brunet

We are 30 minutes away from the Chinon wine area, well known for its red wine; and 45 minutes from the Vouvray wine area, which produces excellent white still and sparkling wines. In both areas there are many family run wine producers offering free tasting of their different wines, and often a visit to their storage caves. Obviously they hope you may buy some of their wine. Above are pictures of a vine-yard at Chinon, and some of past guests visiting the caves and tasting the wine of Nicolas Brunet at Vouvray.

Links to some of the many Chinon producers:      Bernard Baudry          Serge and Bruno Sourdais           Nicolas Paget

Links to some of the many Vouvray producers:      Nicolas Brunet          Alain Roberts           Jean-Pierre and Eric Gaucher


Hot Air Ballooning

The town of Loches Chenonceau from the air Pagode de Chanteloup

An amazing way of seeing some of the famous chateaux of the Loire and the beautiful Touraine region is to take a trip in a hot air balloon. One company offering hot air balloon flights in the Loire valley is France Montgolfiers. From left to right above are - the town of Loches, the Chateau of Chenonceau, and the Pagode de Chanteloup near Amboise. Photo of Chenonceau courtesy of France Montgolfiers