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There are attractions for all the family within easy reach of Bournan. Here is a small selection of those which previous clients have enthused about.


La Vallée des Singes

Monkey at Vallée des Singes Gorilla at Vallée des Singes Ring-tailed lemurs at Vallée des Singes

La Vallée des Singes is located near Romagne, south of Poitiers, about 80 minutes by car from the gite.  It consists of a number of small islands, set in 15 hectares of parkland, which are home to 350 monkeys and apes. A network of paths and bridges means that you can walk amongst the smaller monkeys, and observe the larger apes such as gorillas and chimpanzees from across a small stretch of water.   Click here to go to the web site of Vallée des Singes.



Aerial view of Futuroscope The Kinémax The Gyrotour

45 minutes to the south is the amazing Futuroscope cinematic theme park, featuring many different type of cinemas and thrills.  It  makes a great day out for families with children. During the summer there is a spectacular show each evening.
Click here to go to the Fururoscope web site.           Photo on left courtesy of UnPhotographe, centre Futuroscope, and right T. Chabrout-Jullien


Beauval Zoo


Penguin Orangutan White tiger

Gorilla Sea lion display Raptor display

Beauval Zoo is perhaps the most well-known zoo in France. It hit the headlines earlier this year with the arrival of two Pandas, which have been loaned to the zoo by the Chinese. Apart from these charming bears, the zoo houses other protected species and creatures to delight visitors of all ages. It's easy to spend an entertaining full day, especially as there are sea lion and raptor displays at the end of the afternoon. There is also a good selection of snack bars for hungry and thirsty animal lovers.  Click here to go to the web site of Beauval Zoo.


Goupillieres Troglodyte Village


Troglodyte dwelling Black pig Troglodyte refuge

For hundreds of years people in this part of France tunnelled into the local Tuffault rock to make houses for themselves, shelter for their animals, and storage places for foodstuffs like grain. Close to Azay-le-Rideau is an abandoned troglodyte village where you can visit the houses and see the types of animals they would have kept at the time. Click here to go to their web site


Other nearby attractions

There is a large aquarium near Amboise featuring many different types of fish, including the "monster catfish" of the Loire. You can also walk in a tunnel through a large tank of sharks! Click here for the link. 

The Mini Chateaux Parc near Amboise has scale models of the chateaux, as well as many other things for children.  Click here for the link.