Friday market at Ste Maure Flower market in Tours

Pictured above is the market at Sainte Maure de Touraine, and the flower market on the Boulevard Branger in Tours.

Many visitors love the local markets. The market is a long standing tradition in France, where one can buy fresh local produce, clothing, plants, and all sort of other items. It is also a place for the locals to meet each other, and pass several hours at the market and in the cafs.

Many of our visitors like the market on a Sunday morning at Descartes. The main street is closed to traffic, and you can join the locals and other visitors in strolling up and down the crowded street, perhaps stopping for drink at the popular bar and caf and watch the world go by. The Friday morning market at Ste Maure de Touraine is also very popular.

The twice-weekly market at Loches is also worth a visit, taking place on a Wednesday and a Saturday morning.

Nearly all markets take place in the morning only. The main local markets are:

Descartes (Sunday)
Ligueil (Monday)
Loches (Wednesday and Saturday)
Sainte Maure (Friday)
Chinon (Thursday)
Amboise (Friday and Sunday)

Tours is an excellent shopping centre, as well as having an interesting old quarter full of pavement restaurants. There is a large twice weekly market, which is reknown for its flower stalls.

During the summer months most villages will have an annual fte, or a brocante, which can be desribed as a cross between a market and a car boot sale.